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Club History

Club History

The current USS Hornet Amateur Radio Club was formed in July of 2002. The club's goal is to become the 'The Voice of the Hornet'. The ships original Navy Call sign was NBGC. In honor of the original call the Hornet Amateur Radio club operates with a call sign of NB6GC. The club's purpose is to promote interest in Amateur Radio and the USS Hornet Museum Ship for the community, its past crew members and club members. Many club members also serve the Museum Ship's staff and assist in preservation of the Hornet.

The NB6GC club operates Special Events from the 'New Radio Room' located in what was originally the "Air Operations Office". The radio room is equipped with five Harris RF-350 transceivers. During special events we will attempt to support SSB, CW and Digital operations using multiple transceivers. Our 1980's vintage Harris RF 350 radios use the various antennas that are original to the ship and were in service up till CVS-12's decommissioning in 1970.

As part of the USS Hornet Museum Ships Live-Aboard-Program, the NB6GC Radio Club is providing a Boy Scout Radio Merit Badge Program. While not taking the Scouts to the level necessary to obtain their license, the program will provide enough information to those who are truly interested to follow up and obtain licenses. Each of the Scouts will need to make and log a live QSO.

Supporting and preserving the USS Hornet Museum Ship CVS-12 and its History through Amateur Radio Communications